Flow Monitoring Survey

As part of the preliminary project phase for the Carrickmines Shanganagh River Flood Relief Scheme, DLRCC have appointed Capital Water Services to undertake a flow monitoring survey at several locations along the catchment.

The flow monitoring survey will provide accurate information on both rainfall data and river flow rates throughout the flow monitoring period. This will be used in our design to help predict river flood levels for future storm events.

The survey requires access to public and private properties to install and maintain temporary flow monitors and rain gauges during the survey period. 

All the landowners affected have been contacted in advance by the Project Team and the survey extent has been discussed.

Capital Water Services site staff have been provided with the necessary training and Personal Protective Equipment to ensure that the survey work can be undertaken complying with all HSE requirements on hygiene and social distancing.

The survey is expected to be completed by June 2021.